Beyond the Window

beyond-the-window-smI started the year off kind of slow, feeling creatively blocked with my art, and not really motivated to pick up a paintbrush.  I finally just got out a canvas and started throwing paint around, and painted two strange ladies that looked half-fish, half-fairy.  I wish I had taken a photo of them, but they just weren’t working for me, and eventually I painted over them and came up with this.  It’s quite a bit different than my usual look, but I’m kind of intrigued by the end result.

If you look closely at the bottom of the second tree, just below the branches, you can see the face that was once one of the fish-fairies.  There are two eyes still visible in the trunk of the tree.  One of the cool things about these multi-layered paintings!

Catching Up… way up!

Has it really been six months since I posted any art?  I actually had a very productive, artsy summer, creating several large canvases that now adorn my walls.  In fact, I’m beginning to run out of wall space.  I guess I got so busy creating I completely forgot to blog!

I love, love, LOVED Flora Bowley’s Bloom True class.  It inspired most of the art I did this summer.  It began with this one, another multi-layered, BIG (36×36) canvas:


Followed by this… another BIG 36×36 canvas:


And yet another big 36×36:


I also did a couple of smaller canvases.  I decided to try some animals for a change…


And then went abstract…


In July I even taught my first art journal class for kids!  It was a lot of messy fun on a way-too-crinkly tarp (I will definitely invest in a softer, quieter tarp before I ever do it again).


I think that’s most of what I’ve been up to, at least through the end of 2015.


Dancing Ladies

Dancing-LadiesI recently started a new on-line art class–yay!  That always re-inspires me to get painting when I’ve been in a slump.  This one is called Bloom True with Flora Bowley.  It’s similar to the Paint Mojo class with an emphasis on intuitive painting, lots and lots of layers that change from week to week, and BIG canvases.  This one was my “practice” canvas that is 30 inches square.  I have another one in the works that is 36 inches square–my biggest yet.

There are at least ten layers of paint on the canvas, as you can see from the progression photos below.  I had NO idea where I was going with it when I started.


Something Fishy

Fish-GirlsI haven’t posted any art in two months, partly because I haven’t been doing as much art, and partly because the art I’m doing has taken a long time to complete.  This is another 30×30 canvas inspired by my Paint Mojo class.  It has lots of  layers, and has gone through many iterations before it reached the point where I’m ready to call it finished.  Here are a few of the intermediate steps…

Step1Step2I liked what was happening with the painting in the stage above, but then I started creating an underwater scene with fish and plant life.  I decided I hated it, and painted over the whole thing, resulting in the messy stage below.

Step3After letting it sit for awhile, and trying out a few rough chalk sketches on top of the mess, I went back to my old standby of faces.  Only after the girls emerged did the fish come back, and it became sort of a hybrid of my original underwater scene and the girls.  The fun thing about these paintings is that even I have no idea where they’re going to end up when they’re finished.

Not My Circus


I saw this quote for the first time about a year ago, and immediately knew I was going to have to work it into my art sometime.  The time is finally now.  #5 in my little square board series.  Paper collage, acrylic paint, and rubber stamped background.  Gotta say, this is my current favorite, for the great quote, the colors, and those crazy little monkeys!

Fragments and Mysteries

Fragments-&-MysteriesMy Paint Mojo class is over, but a brand new series of 21 Secrets Workshops started April 1, so I have plenty of painting inspiration to keep me busy.  I went back to my altered book for the first time in awhile to create this many layered painting for the Fragments and Mysteries workshop.  I ripped a page out of a book called Oriental Mythology, recently acquired at a library book sale, to start my base layer.  After that it was layers of finger painted acrylic paints, followed by my Asian girl and her Siamese cat, and some doodles with a white ink pen.  Not my usual style, but it was a fun way to spend a lazy Easter Sunday.

All Fun and Games


There’s something about the unintimidating size and cheap price of these 12-inch fiber boards that has me painting up a storm.  Well, that and the extra hours of time off from work I’ve had, thanks to spring break.  This was created with lots of layers of book paper, painted papers, and acrylic paint.  I don’t know what the morose looking dude is doing in the corner, but he showed up and I kept him.  I guess he’s the guy who’s about to add, “until someone gets hurt.”