At Dawn She Danced

At-Dawn-She-DancedYesterday was Friday, my favorite day of the week because I have the day off and usually have lots of time to do art.  I met with my tax lady in the morning, lounged about in the sun with Mellie for an hour during lunch, then took off to Home Depot in search of some wood to paint.  I found a piece of 4’x2′ medium density fiberboard for less than $6 and had them cut it into a 2’x2′ piece and four 1’x1′ pieces.  I decided to use the 2’x2′ piece as a paint catcher and palette–I put it under whatever I’m working on and let it catch the overflow, and I mix my paint on it as well.  Eventually I will use the messy, painty surface as the first layer in a painting!

I was anxious to see what it was like to paint on the wonderfully cheap fiberboard, so about 2:00 I started slopping paint onto one of the 1’x1′ pieces.  I loved that I could add as many layers of paint and water as I wanted and it would never soak through or tear because I was painting on a hard piece of wood!  Shaylie came home around 3:00, and we chatted while I painted.  She took off to go somewhere at 3:30, and I told her I might be napping when she got home.  She came home at 4:00, and I was still painting.  At 4:30 I decided the window of opportunity for a nap had passed, so I kept on painting.  At 7:30 I realized I hadn’t had any dinner, so I took a break in my painting to eat.  While I cooked, I eyed my painting, and couldn’t decide if I even liked it!  I considered painting over the whole thing with white gesso and starting over.  Shaylie said no, she liked it!  I asked her what it needed.  She said a cat.  Of course!  I added a cat.  I added some fluorescent paint to brighten it up a bit.  I finally quit at 9:00, still not sure if I liked it, but decided to sleep on it.

This morning over breakfast I thought of the caption, “At dawn she danced, basking in the benevolence of the sun.”  I added that and some splotches of pink and yellow this afternoon after work.  It was a long journey for such a small piece, but I think it’s finally finished!  And I’m pretty excited about my super duper cheap fiberboard–I can paint with abandon on those and never worry about “wasting” expensive canvas.   :)

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