Something Fishy

Fish-GirlsI haven’t posted any art in two months, partly because I haven’t been doing as much art, and partly because the art I’m doing has taken a long time to complete.  This is another 30×30 canvas inspired by my Paint Mojo class.  It has lots of  layers, and has gone through many iterations before it reached the point where I’m ready to call it finished.  Here are a few of the intermediate steps…

Step1Step2I liked what was happening with the painting in the stage above, but then I started creating an underwater scene with fish and plant life.  I decided I hated it, and painted over the whole thing, resulting in the messy stage below.

Step3After letting it sit for awhile, and trying out a few rough chalk sketches on top of the mess, I went back to my old standby of faces.  Only after the girls emerged did the fish come back, and it became sort of a hybrid of my original underwater scene and the girls.  The fun thing about these paintings is that even I have no idea where they’re going to end up when they’re finished.