Not My Circus


I saw this quote for the first time about a year ago, and immediately knew I was going to have to work it into my art sometime.  The time is finally now.  #5 in my little square board series.  Paper collage, acrylic paint, and rubber stamped background.  Gotta say, this is my current favorite, for the great quote, the colors, and those crazy little monkeys!

Fragments and Mysteries

Fragments-&-MysteriesMy Paint Mojo class is over, but a brand new series of 21 Secrets Workshops started April 1, so I have plenty of painting inspiration to keep me busy.  I went back to my altered book for the first time in awhile to create this many layered painting for the Fragments and Mysteries workshop.  I ripped a page out of a book called Oriental Mythology, recently acquired at a library book sale, to start my base layer.  After that it was layers of finger painted acrylic paints, followed by my Asian girl and her Siamese cat, and some doodles with a white ink pen.  Not my usual style, but it was a fun way to spend a lazy Easter Sunday.

All Fun and Games


There’s something about the unintimidating size and cheap price of these 12-inch fiber boards that has me painting up a storm.  Well, that and the extra hours of time off from work I’ve had, thanks to spring break.  This was created with lots of layers of book paper, painted papers, and acrylic paint.  I don’t know what the morose looking dude is doing in the corner, but he showed up and I kept him.  I guess he’s the guy who’s about to add, “until someone gets hurt.”