Palettes of Possibility

Palettes-of-PossibilityThis was another fun project from the Paint Mojo class I’m taking with Tracy Verdugo.  The background is a paint palette (random color bits from mixing paint for other projects, combined with some additional stenciling and marks for added interest).  I added the faces on top, and painted the negative space with my favorite shade of quinacridone magenta.  Shaylie suggested this one might be a portrait of me, Karlie, and Shaylie.  :)

Free as a Bird

Toucan-PrintToucan-Print-3I started a new online class this week–Paint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo.  She is one of my art heroes.  I love her gorgeous paintings and her art wisdom.  She has only been painting for about fifteen years, but the workshops she teaches around the world are almost always sold out; she has an art book published; and her first e-course (the one I’m taking) has 230 students enrolled at $200-$250 per person!  I want to be her when I grow up!

Anyway, we are practicing mono prints this week, with the theme “free as a bird.”   I drew a toucan and then “engraved” the design on a thin foam sheet.  I covered the foam sheet with paint, and printed the image on paper.  I tried two different prints… one with light paint on a dark painted background, and one with a mixture of yellow and orange paint on a white background.  I covered the first one in so many layers of paint that I lost the “print” feel, so on the second one I used a lighter touch and more analogous colors.

I’m not sure which one I prefer, or even if I like either very much, but it was an interesting learning experience.


This project just might be the most fun I’ve ever had painting.  I started by creating backgrounds of random color, just painting with a credit card, smooshing paint around with my fingers, rubbing some paint off with a wet paper towel, slapping down another color, etc.  I let the backgrounds dry.

background-2background-paperThen I tore pieces from the backgrounds, without giving it any real thought.  I glued pieces randomly down in my journal, along with some torn book pages.


After the torn bits dried onto my page, I looked at the shapes I had and started outlining things that I saw, sort of like finding pictures in the clouds when looking up at the sky.  I outlined, painted in, and then painted a blue background all around.  Added a few details, found what I felt was an appropriate quote by Albert Einstein (!), and done!  I LOVE how this turned out, and I had so much fun seeing what evolved.  It sort of took on a life of its own.


Wings and Jubilation


I’ve been doing a lot of experimenting in my art journal.  This page was a result of a 21 Secrets Spring 2014 class that I just got around to doing. Each individual feather is cut from different papers I printed using the Gelli Print technique.  I love the bright combination of colors that resulted from using lots of random prints.


Jubilation was created using the gel transfer technique.  I found a photo of a woman leaping in a magazine, and a photo of some old historical guy in a children’s book. I used gel transfer to transfer the images to my page, then painted over them.  The background is layers of paint and stamps.  The historical guy looked kind of dour and judgmental, which reminded me of my inner critic, and that led to the caption.