Fairy Creature


I feel like I’ve had a sudden burst of creative mojo this week.  Maybe because it’s summer and I’ve had a little bit more time to play and sleep.  I love the way this fairy creature’s wings turned out.  They are made of tissue paper collage.

I am so thankful for my art.  Honestly I think I’d be going crazy if I didn’t have it to distract me.


Feathered Cap


I really like this one!

I don’t know what it is, but I haven’t been this enamored with one of my own paintings since my blue ladies with the backwards butts.

I was inspired to try some black and white art after seeing a few people post black and white art journal challenges online.  I was also inspired to paint a feathered hat after seeing some crazy feathered hats at the Berkeley Hat Company this weekend.

There’s something about the haunting look of this one that I really like.  I think there may be more of these to come.

She Released Her Spirit


Another 21 Secrets Workshop… This one entitled “Claim Your Mythos.”  Instructions for this workshop included:

In this exercise we will be taking one of our stories, perhaps one which doesn’t serve you well, one which disempowers you in some way, one in which you left some part of your spirit behind, and rewriting with a new spin, a twist that allows you to be the hero in someway so that you are empowered.


The journaling in the background is a fairy tale version of a dark life story rewritten with a happy ending. The images were my first attempt at gel transfers, which created a raggedy, weathered look that seemed appropriate for this piece.

Glorious Goddesses

I’m working my way through the 21 Secrets Spring online class, experimenting with different styles, techniques, and ideas.  The latest workshop was called Glorious Goddesses, and the instructor encouraged us to try a monochromatic color scheme.  For the left side of my spread, I chose shades of pink and used acrylic paints for the background.  On the right side I used watercolors for the background with shades of purple.


I enjoyed the Goddess theme so much that I was inspired to create another page.  For the next one I started by closing my eyes and picking a random page from an old book I purchased for 20¢ at a library book sale.  I tore the page out and glued parts of it down, using that as my starting point.  The title of the chapter I pulled out was “Growing Up and Growing Old,” a theme that is eerily appropriate to the struggles I’m having with both growing up AND growing old!  I used collage, acrylics, stencils, colored pencil, oil pastels, and possibly a few other media I have forgotten.


I feel like the Goddess theme is one I will revisit.  I also feel that the Growing Up and Growing Old page may need some journaling, but so far nothing has emerged.

Princess Karlie


The big “secret” project that I’ve mentioned in a few recent posts is finally finished.  I’ve been working on a book for Karlie’s graduation, and I presented it to her at a little graduation gathering last night.

I originally planned to make a digital photo book.  Then I decided I wanted it to be a story book, with a fairy tale theme and illustrated backgrounds. At first I downloaded some backgrounds from the internet, but then decided I wanted to paint my own, even if they were somewhat primitive (realistic art is a long way off for me).  Somewhere early in the creation process, I ran across a series of tutorials on how to make your own art journal from scratch, starting with watercolor paper, book binding needle and thread, and an awl.  I wanted to try it, so I bound my own journal, then added bright watercolor backgrounds and colorful collage borders from color copies of my own art work, Teesha Moore style.  It took several months from start to finish, but I had great fun along the way, combining photos, art, lettering, collage, painting, etc. into a fun, whimsical, fairytale book about my Princess.

In the end, I decided to make a slide show from the book, and was thrilled to find the perfect song, “You are My Princess,” by Elton John, to accompany it.  Karlie was born a princess, still IS a princess, and I suspect will always be a princess.  No matter what, she will always be MY princess.

Here is a link to the video of the book.

The password is Princess