Monkey Business

Monkey Business

I’m happy to report that Dancing on a Blue Cat seemed to get me unstuck, and I’ve been happily painting ever since.  I love waking up in the morning to a partially completed project, so I can start playing with it right away but not actually have to get over the dreaded hump of starting something new.  I started this one with no plan.  I had drawn the girl’s face, and Karlie told me to add a monkey to the other side, so I did.  The flowers were an experiment with oil pastels.  I found that the black mixed with the colors as I tried to fill in the flowers, making kind of a murky mixture that I didn’t care for.  Lesson learned: don’t put down black first!  This piece is a combination of oil pastels, water color, acrylic paint, water soluble colored pencil, regular colored pencil, and water soluble crayons.  I love the water soluble crayons.  They were one of the first art supplies I bought over a year ago, and whenever I’m not happy with a background, they add just the right finishing touch.

Dancing on a Blue Cat

Dancing on Blue Cat

My ever-growing art supply stash long ago outgrew the Sterilite drawer system I “temporarily” stored in the corner of my kitchen. As a result, it looks like a tornado blew through Michael’s and dropped all the debris in my kitchen.  So yesterday I went to Target and bought still more drawers in an attempt to at least contain the mess.

Last night I cleaned up the art corner, put all my new art supplies that have been living on the floor into my new drawers, and organized some of the other stuff.  You would think that would inspire me and get me excited to use those supplies.  Strangely, it made me want to throw them all away!

I hadn’t done anything artsy in over a week.  My goal is to try to do a little something every day, just to keep the juices flowing.  But the longer I go, the harder it is to get started.  I don’t feel any creative juice.  I don’t feel inspired.  All those fabulous supplies haunt me and make me feel guilty for not using them.  The idea of starting a new project sounds HORRIBLE, DAUNTING, and NO FUN!!

This morning after my workout and my breakfast I decided to just MAKE myself create!  I got out my art inspiration pictures I save on my iPad, along with my art journal, and just did it.  Four hours later, I was still happily drawing, painting, coloring, and creating!  The result: my latest work, entitled “Dancing on a Blue Cat.”  LOL!  I really enjoyed creating it.  Now if I could just get over the dread of starting.

Just a Girl


I started losing my momentum in April.  I wasn’t inspired by April’s True Free Spirit project, and I found myself not creating much.  So I signed up for another online mini course called Chick Candy.  The class focused on stylized girl faces and mixed media, my two favorite kinds of art, so I gave it a whirl.  This was my first project.  Just a girl, on a background of many layers of collage, paint, stamps, etc.

Washing the dust of daily life off my soul


Sometimes I wonder why I spend so much time (and money!) on my art. It’s not making me any richer; it’s not making my house any cleaner; it’s really in no way productive.  I often feel guilty when I spend hours working on a journal page or a canvas, knowing there are about a million things I “should” be doing, “need” to be doing, or could better justify doing.

Today I started a new art journal, and decided to make the first page a “justification” for art, as a reminder to myself that it’s okay to spend time doing something frivolous and unproductive.  I put two of my favorite art quotes on the page:

“The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls.” Pablo Picasso

“To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow.  So do it.”  Kurt Vonnegut

I made a huge mess in my kitchen and “wasted” several hours of my day, but I did have fun making this page.  Thank you, Pablo and Kurt, for permission.



Back to the Journal


This is another art journal page I did for my True Free Spirit Class.  I used spray inks, stencils, acrylic paint, stamps, water soluble crayons, colored pencils, and markers on the background.  This girl was the first that I really felt captured the style taught by the instructor of the class.  I’m still trying to figure out what “my” style is.

Very Mixed Media Fairy Angel


This is another painting inspired by the book Suzi Blu’s Mixed Media Girls.  I used fiber paste to give some texture and dimension to the wings, fabric and lace for the top, and more fabric for the skirt.  I colored the wings with ink and gold sparkle paint.  The face is prismacolor pencils, and the hair is acrylic paint.  The flower embellishments are little fabric stickers.

It was only after she had been hanging on my wall for awhile that I noticed something weird about the wings, and realized that instead of being attached to her back, they were attached to the backs of her arms.  Oh well…