Screen Shot 2013-05-30 at 8.48.12 PMMy mom sent me a funny video called Prancercize today.  It was created by a very enthusiastic lady (with lots of hair!) in her sixties.  I immediately dragged Shaylie and Matthew outside and told them it was time to prancercize!  They were game, and we made our own little Prancercize video. So today’s art is moving art…

Prancercise: “A springy, rhythmic way of moving forward, similar to a horse’s gait and is ideally induced by elation.”
Okay, first you’ve got to watch this video, to understand the intricacies of Prancercize.
But to REALLY appreciate it, you have to watch OUR version
Now go outside and Prancercize !  (Links to YOUR prancercize videos are encouraged in the comments. :)


Be You


I had so much fun with my Quirky Collage Girl project that I decided I wanted to revisit it.  Our March class assignment was working in our art journal, and actually doing some journaling along with the art.  I tend to keep a separate writing journal, so this was different for me.  I ended up just finding a bunch of quotes about being yourself, individuality, etc., and using them as the background of my journal page.  I think my favorite quote from this page is

“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius, and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”

Using eyes cut out from a magazine for the girl’s eyes gave me an idea for my next project…

Sensual Woman Warrior


So back in February, after I created Karlie’s collage, my Aunt Sally sent me an email, quoting a blog, that she said made her think of me:

“A Sensual Woman Warrior is real. She’s messy. She’s emotional. She yells. She’s terrified. She’s magnificent. She’s beautiful. She’s confused. She tries everything. She’s sick of rolling the same dice. She lies. She’s wise. She’s passionate. She’s wild. She has rage. She feels. She tells the truth. She’s clueless. She’s brilliant.”

The quote inspired a little art piece in my journal, which, of course, I titled Sensual Woman Warrior.  


Gelli Plate Goddess


This is what emerged from yesterday’s Gelli Plate background.  On the left is the background I made yesterday, and on the right is the finished (at least for now!) product.  I can hardly wait to see what comes out of the other backgrounds I made yesterday.  Doing the background first, with no idea of what I’m going to put on top, is brand new for me; but on a day like yesterday when I just couldn’t seem to get going, it helped me find my creative juice.

Gelli Plate to the Rescue

Gelli Plate Background 1Some days I crave artistic expression, but I dread starting something new.  I can’t think of any good ideas, and looking at that blank paper doesn’t inspire me, it intimidates me.  Today was one of those days.  I got off work early, and I really wanted to create some cool art. But I didn’t know what to paint, and I started to feel agitated and annoyed.  I wanted to find something else to do to avoid the art process, but nothing else sounded good either.  So I decided to get out my recently acquired Gelli Plate and just make some backgrounds.  The first few I made were disgusting, and I cleaned everything up, put it away, and decided today was just not an art day.  Grumble grumble.  I put on my gym clothes, but then it didn’t feel like a gym day either.  Nothing felt right.

Finally I got on my exercise bike and re-watched the May project videos from my True Free Spirit class.  May was all about Gelli plates printing, and re-watching the video game me new inspiration.  So I hopped off the bike, pulled out my paints and Gelli plate once more, and tried again.  This time it was better, and I ended up with two two-pages spreads for my art journal.  This is just step one, the first layer of the background, and I have no idea what I’m going to put on top of it, but just getting something artsy accomplished felt good.

If you’re wondering what in the heck is a Gelli plate, here’s a link:  Gelli Plate Printing

Gelli Plate Background 2

Karlie’s Birthday Collage


Much to my surprise, Karlie and Shaylie loved my artsy dabblings, and Karlie started begging me to paint her a picture.  First she wanted me to paint HER, which I told her was impossible because realism is definitely not my strong point!  Then she asked for something that was just representative of her, which gave me an idea.  Her 17th birthday was coming up, so off to Michael’s I went in search of Karlie-like “stuff.”  She recently became obsessed with Disneyland and bought herself a Disneyland pass, which she uses every chance she gets.  It is her favorite place in all the world, and when she grows up she wants to be a Disney princess (not work as one, BE one–a real one–a vocation quite fitting for her I think).  So I started building a Disney theme, combined with her love of ballet, her obsession with Vampire Diaries and reality TV, her favorite food in the world (In n Out)…  and eventually I had a fun Karlie collage.  Every day I would pull it out of hiding and add something else.  It needed this, it needed that… more color, more sparkle, more ephemera.  She happens to be in love with Ian Somerhalder (the hottie from Vampire Diaries), and she has said more than once that she plans to marry him.  So I decided we needed a framed picture of Ian on there.  But if Ian got a place on her collage, then so should her family… and her friends… so a series of little framed photos was added to the bottom.  But what to do about the boyfriend?  It seemed like he should be included, but he’s her first boyfriend, and I’m sure just a “trainer,” so super glue was not in order.  But then the Grinch got an idea… an awful idea… the Grinch got a wonderful, awful idea…  I printed out a little picture of  TBF (Trainer Boy Friend), just the size of the Ian Somerhalder picture, and the TEMPORARY adhesive… and, well, let’s just say if TBF looks too closely, he will notice that his picture isn’t firmly affixed, and if he peeks underneath, there will be Ian’s smiling face!   LOL!  That was the most fun part of the whole collage!

But the BEST part was when Karlie opened her gift and declared it her “best birthday present ever!”  Ahhhh shucks!

Karlie's Collage

Fairy Garden

Fairy Girls

At the Circus was my first venture into a larger format canvas (12×16), and I liked having more room to play.  So I started another large canvas, and planned to paint an oversized girl’s face with some kind of funky hair.  I had it mostly done, but I couldn’t get the hair right.  I put it away for a few days, and ended up painting over most of the whole thing.  My big girl face morphed into a garden full of fairies!  I do love that mistakes can be covered up and undone.  It just makes more layers, and in this kind of collage style art, the more layers the better!

Quirky Collage Girl and her Creepy Little Friend

Quirky-Collage-GirlsFebruary’s project was a Quirky Collage Girl.  I had so much fun with this one!  I was literally giggling with glee as I cut and pasted magazine photos and incorporated them into my painting.  In the class video, the instructor encouraged us to include some sort of “friend” for our girl–hers was a little bunny.  I tried bunnies, dogs, cats… but they were all too cutesy and cartoony, and didn’t seem right with my sort of freaky looking girl.  After much experimentation, I eventually came up with a creepy little fairy to go with my Quirky Collage Girl.  After letting it sit for a few days, I added colorful feathers to the collage girl’s hair, which, in my opinion, was the perfect finishing touch.  I’ve always liked kind of wacky art, and this one is hanging on my wall as one of my favorite pieces.  I think I was able to embrace this one more than most because it’s supposed to be sort of weird, so I could relax and not hold myself to some unattainable standard of pretty art.

At the Circus

Circus Girls

As much as I enjoyed the True Free Spirit Girls, by the end of January I was ready to try something different.  I went back to my Mixed Media Girls book, and was inspired to try circus art.  The girls’ faces are done in PrismaColor pencils again.  The background is mostly lots of layers of tissue paper for texture and acrylic paint.  This time I also incorporated fabric into the piece, which was reminiscent of my quilting days, without all the sewing!