She Released Her Spirit


Another 21 Secrets Workshop… This one entitled “Claim Your Mythos.”  Instructions for this workshop included:

In this exercise we will be taking one of our stories, perhaps one which doesn’t serve you well, one which disempowers you in some way, one in which you left some part of your spirit behind, and rewriting with a new spin, a twist that allows you to be the hero in someway so that you are empowered.


The journaling in the background is a fairy tale version of a dark life story rewritten with a happy ending. The images were my first attempt at gel transfers, which created a raggedy, weathered look that seemed appropriate for this piece.

One thought on “She Released Her Spirit

  1. This is another favorite!!! I love, love, love the colors and hopefulness!

    Special request….. birthday mug with this angel. :)

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