Sensual Woman Warrior


So back in February, after I created Karlie’s collage, my Aunt Sally sent me an email, quoting a blog, that she said made her think of me:

“A Sensual Woman Warrior is real. She’s messy. She’s emotional. She yells. She’s terrified. She’s magnificent. She’s beautiful. She’s confused. She tries everything. She’s sick of rolling the same dice. She lies. She’s wise. She’s passionate. She’s wild. She has rage. She feels. She tells the truth. She’s clueless. She’s brilliant.”

The quote inspired a little art piece in my journal, which, of course, I titled Sensual Woman Warrior.  


4 thoughts on “Sensual Woman Warrior

  1. That’s definitely you and the rest of us warrior women!! You captured all of that in this piece of art. Another winner!!! Hope you keep on keeping at it!! You and your talent blow me away!!!

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