Roughing it Up

primitive girl 8:10:13I decided to make another attempt at “primitive.”  I forced myself to use more muted colors and keep it kind of rough and sketchy.  I even sand papered over the whole painting at the end to roughen it up even more.  It’s a totally different style for me, but it was kind of fun to do something so different.    Personally I like my crazy bright paintings better, but I’m enjoying experimenting with all different styles in my True Free Spirit class.

You might have noticed I also drew an animal besides a cat.  What is it?  I don’t know.  Shaylie thinks it’s a deer. I have no idea.  I just decided it was time to do something that wasn’t a cat. I’m not even a cat person!  But drawing animals really is not my thing!

3 thoughts on “Roughing it Up

  1. I’d say it’s a deer too. The girl’s eyes are so expressive. They look a little sad but, with her arms open, she looks as if she’s ready to receive. Feels emotional to me.

  2. Oh, yes. It’s a dear little deer (better known as a fawn (:. This little fawn has it’s head cocked with a very quizzical expression……… if to ask, Is there some way I can help you?” The girl does appear to be reaching out for help. Maybe she’s looking for a way to get out of the glumly environment she is caught in????

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