I have not been as idle as my lack of posts might imply.  I’ve actually been doing a lot of experimenting.  I’m taking another online class called 21 Secrets Live.  Every week a new artist spends 90 minutes creating some kind of art during a live spree cast.  What I’m really enjoying is that each artist has a totally different style, uses different art media, and works on whatever project she feels like doing that day.  I’ve learned a few new techniques, tried some color combinations I wouldn’t have otherwise tried, played with some new art media, and just generally gotten inspired.  I’m four weeks into a 21-week class, so the fun has just begun!

“Rastafarians” was sort of inspired by the week 2 artist, who used stamp ink pads to create colorful backgrounds.  Instead, I used a brown stamp pad to give a weathered look to a crumpled up Trader Joe’s bag, added a tissue paper sun and grass, glued on two sculpey clay masks I created months ago and didn’t know what to do with, fabric skirts, crazy yarn hair, a water color pencil surf board… it’s taken me a couple of weeks to finish because I just keep adding more stuff!  The photo really doesn’t do justice to the three-dimensional effects.


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