Quirky Collage Girl and her Creepy Little Friend

Quirky-Collage-GirlsFebruary’s project was a Quirky Collage Girl.  I had so much fun with this one!  I was literally giggling with glee as I cut and pasted magazine photos and incorporated them into my painting.  In the class video, the instructor encouraged us to include some sort of “friend” for our girl–hers was a little bunny.  I tried bunnies, dogs, cats… but they were all too cutesy and cartoony, and didn’t seem right with my sort of freaky looking girl.  After much experimentation, I eventually came up with a creepy little fairy to go with my Quirky Collage Girl.  After letting it sit for a few days, I added colorful feathers to the collage girl’s hair, which, in my opinion, was the perfect finishing touch.  I’ve always liked kind of wacky art, and this one is hanging on my wall as one of my favorite pieces.  I think I was able to embrace this one more than most because it’s supposed to be sort of weird, so I could relax and not hold myself to some unattainable standard of pretty art.

5 thoughts on “Quirky Collage Girl and her Creepy Little Friend

    • Lol! No, that certainly isn’t you, Kathy! Livy has seen most of these at one time or another when she’s been at the house. If I’m home, I’m usually with a paintbrush in hand. Actually, I’m usually with paint on my finger–I use my fingers more than brushes!

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