Primitive Girl With Cat


I hadn’t touched a paintbrush in over a week, and I was having trouble getting inspired.  Why is it so hard to start something new??  Luckily, my True Free Spirit Class released the August project and gave me some inspiration.

August’s project is primitive art.  Our teacher suggested “bland” colors, but I have trouble using bland.  She also suggested going online and looking for examples of “primitive” art.  It seems primitive art can be anything from tribal art to sketchy free form art to folk art to childlike art.  Even though I can’t really define “primitive,” I do know it’s a style I’ve always been attracted to.  I guess I went with the childlike interpretation, and I’m not even sure if this qualifies as “primitive,” but I like the way it turned out.  Believe it or not, this “childlike” painting took me several hours to complete.  It’s amazing how quickly time flies when I finally sit down to create.

Karlie asked me why I keep drawing cats.  I have no idea. They just keep showing up.  Maybe because they’re the only animal I’ve figured out how to draw??

2 thoughts on “Primitive Girl With Cat

  1. No, bland is definitely not your style. I would think you were sick if you painted bland. I love your art so much. I’m glad having trouble getting started isn’t stopping you. This is so much a part of you now, it would truly be a shame.

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