Monkey Business

Monkey Business

I’m happy to report that Dancing on a Blue Cat seemed to get me unstuck, and I’ve been happily painting ever since.  I love waking up in the morning to a partially completed project, so I can start playing with it right away but not actually have to get over the dreaded hump of starting something new.  I started this one with no plan.  I had drawn the girl’s face, and Karlie told me to add a monkey to the other side, so I did.  The flowers were an experiment with oil pastels.  I found that the black mixed with the colors as I tried to fill in the flowers, making kind of a murky mixture that I didn’t care for.  Lesson learned: don’t put down black first!  This piece is a combination of oil pastels, water color, acrylic paint, water soluble colored pencil, regular colored pencil, and water soluble crayons.  I love the water soluble crayons.  They were one of the first art supplies I bought over a year ago, and whenever I’m not happy with a background, they add just the right finishing touch.

5 thoughts on “Monkey Business

  1. I love the monkey! Her eyes are so beautiful. Livy is enthralled by your pieces! She loves them! Me too, me too!!

    • Thank you Kathy. I love Livy’s art. I am nowhere near her artistic talent. She is amazing, especially at such a young age!

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