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Map-to-HappyOne of the workshops in my 21 Secrets online class is called “Map to Happy.”  I watched the videos several weeks ago, and the project just didn’t call to me, so I moved on.  This week the instructor posted a Ted Talk called Happy Maps, in which the speaker talks about how he used a map app to find the shortest bike route to work, and for months he took the same efficient route.  Then one day, for some unknown reason, he took a detour and discovered a beautiful route with much less traffic, which made for a slightly longer, but much more enjoyable ride.  His message hit me loud and clear:  The shortest route is not always the most satisfying.  This is a lesson that I really need to internalize, as I’m always in a hurry, always trying to be efficient, always trying to get THERE (wherever there is) the quickest way possible.  Inspiration struck, and I created my own Map to Happy in my altered book.  It depicts a long and winding road from start to finish, with the path littered with all the things that make me happy… friends, family, love, wine, chocolate, flat abs, my adorable new kitty, eating out, making art, photography, new “toys,” laughter, etc. It was fun to go back through my 2013 photos and remember the happy moments, and immortalize them on my meandering Map to Happy.

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  1. This is SO wonderful!! The shortest route ISN’T always the most satisfying! So true but I’ve never thought of it that way. It reminds me of that song by the Beatles, The Long and Winding Road. I’m glad we get to go down the road together. :)

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