Happy Birthday, Kathy



Thursday is my wonderful friend Kathy’s birthday.  We became instant friends the moment we met 15 years ago this month, and I can’t imagine what these years would have been like without her.  For some reason, she seems to genuinely love my art, and I was inspired to make this for her several months ago.  I gave it to her tonight, and her delight made me SO happy.  It feels a little presumptuous to give someone a piece of art that you have created, like you are somehow obligating them to display something they might not even like.  But I loved this piece enough to want to keep it myself because it reminds me of our very special friendship, and I hope Kathy will think of us whenever she looks at it.

Happy Birthday, my true friend!  You really DO hold my heart.  I love you!

3 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, Kathy

  1. Knowing Kathy as I do,,,,,,,there is no doubt she will treasure this. I’m so happy you have each other and am positive your special bond will never be broken. It’s wonderful that you have treasured each other for so long and to know you value your relationship so much. xxoo

  2. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! I feel so grateful and proud to have a beautiful piece of artwork made by your little hands because it fills my little heart! I am privileged to display it in my home as a statement of the wonderful gift I have in your friendship. We hold EACH OTHERS’ hearts and that truly IS a treasure!
    I love you!

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