Groovy Girl


The girls got me a new acrylic art technique book for Christmas, so I’ve been experimenting with some new things, including modeling paste for texture (flowers on the left), adding glazing medium to my paints to make them mix more smoothly, drippy ink, doodle paint pens, etc.  The result is last week’s canvas–Groovy Girl.

I’m also trying to do more quick and simple painting in my art journal in response to weekly prompts.  This week’s Journal52 prompt was “Make Me Smile,” so I played with water soluble pastels and pencils to make this whimsical little bird.



2 thoughts on “Groovy Girl

  1. Groovy girl is SO beautiful! I love the colors you used and the variety of design.

    Your chicken makes ME smile and think of another lonely chicken stuck underneath my kitchen sink. :)

    • LOL! Literally laughing out loud, all by myself, at the chicken reference. Those chickens have provided lots of entertainment over the decade they’ve been mummifying!

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