Glorious Goddesses

I’m working my way through the 21 Secrets Spring online class, experimenting with different styles, techniques, and ideas.  The latest workshop was called Glorious Goddesses, and the instructor encouraged us to try a monochromatic color scheme.  For the left side of my spread, I chose shades of pink and used acrylic paints for the background.  On the right side I used watercolors for the background with shades of purple.


I enjoyed the Goddess theme so much that I was inspired to create another page.  For the next one I started by closing my eyes and picking a random page from an old book I purchased for 20¢ at a library book sale.  I tore the page out and glued parts of it down, using that as my starting point.  The title of the chapter I pulled out was “Growing Up and Growing Old,” a theme that is eerily appropriate to the struggles I’m having with both growing up AND growing old!  I used collage, acrylics, stencils, colored pencil, oil pastels, and possibly a few other media I have forgotten.


I feel like the Goddess theme is one I will revisit.  I also feel that the Growing Up and Growing Old page may need some journaling, but so far nothing has emerged.

3 thoughts on “Glorious Goddesses

  1. I really love the title of this one… Glorious Goddesses. It honors women, no matter what their size, shape, coloring, or personalities. You have always honored women in your paintings.

    Growing up and growing old! It seems like the middle years of life should be right in between those two stages. Maybe we could call them the Growing Plateau. :)

    • Thank you Kathy for all your thoughtful comments about my art. You make it seem so meaningful! And I love the growing plateau idea!

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