Gelli on Deli

where-I-stand-2It’s been a difficult week, with Karlie home sick every day with a flu then sinus infection, which meant I had to drive Shaylie to school every day, which meant getting up at 4:30 to go to the gym, then working at Apple and tutoring all day.  By last night I was starting to feel achy and flu-ish myself, but I went to bed early, was asleep by 8:30, and woke up feeling refreshed and downright perky at 5:00 this morning.

I’ve been itching to get artsy all week, but just didn’t have the time or energy, so I was really looking forward to some art time today.  First order of business was to get out my gelli plate, which I hadn’t used for awhile.  I decided I needed new printing plates, so I cut pieces out of a foam sheet and glued them onto another foam sheet that I had cut into a circle.  Then I stuck some dimensional flower and swirly stickers from Target on another foam sheet, and, voila!  Brand new homemade printing plates!

(These are the plates, after I mucked them up with a lot of paint.)


After making the plates, I went a little crazy, and made a LOT of prints on my new deli paper from Costco–super cheap, and it comes in a box like Kleenex, so I just kept popping out new pages and printing away, experimenting with different color combinations.


While the gelli prints dried, I dashed upstairs and dug around in my closet to unearth my old sewing needles and embroidery thread because I had a hankering to do a little fabric art as well.  Here is a sneak peak of the little bit I got done, but I’m hoping there’s more to come…


That’s as far as I got, because then my day turned into returning tutoring phone calls, grading writing papers, filing out the dreaded FAFSA for Karlie’s college financial aid, and a bunch of other boring stuff.  But now I have lots of colorful backgrounds to play with the NEXT time I have some time for art play.

5 thoughts on “Gelli on Deli

  1. This is something I’ve never heard of. Definitely your kind of artsy fun. I’m lovin’ the needlework……..WOW!!! What’s next………a new line of clothes!!! You go girl!!!!

  2. I love the jeans! I think you should start thinking of a business with all of your art creations. The gelli prints remind me of wallpaper. Wouldn’t that make a beautiful wall for your “art” room?

    • I would LOVE to have a room dedicated to just art! And, yes, it would be fun to cover the walls with gelli prints and other artsy things. As it is, I can never find what I’m looking for because I don’t have room to really organize it all.

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