True Free Spirit 2

I didn’t plan on creating another True Free Spirit girl, thinking I would just do one assignment each month, but the class includes a Facebook group where everyone posts their artwork and comments on the artwork of others.  Everyone is extremely supportive and encouraging, and after seeing several new posts a day of other people’s work, I got inspired to create another one.  I still wasn’t ready to attempt a painted face, but I loved the way this one turned out.  It’s still one of my favorite pieces that I’ve done. I love the colors!

My first two True Free Spirit girls were the first pieces of art that I was brave enough to actually put on canvas instead of just on paper.  The beauty of the collage background technique is you can paint over your mistakes and make as many layers as you want before you declare yourself “done.”  I’ve found I really enjoy the texture and durability of the canvas background. And I found some canvas boards that are cheap enough that I don’t worry so much about “wasting” them.

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