Free as a Bird

Toucan-PrintToucan-Print-3I started a new online class this week–Paint Mojo with Tracy Verdugo.  She is one of my art heroes.  I love her gorgeous paintings and her art wisdom.  She has only been painting for about fifteen years, but the workshops she teaches around the world are almost always sold out; she has an art book published; and her first e-course (the one I’m taking) has 230 students enrolled at $200-$250 per person!  I want to be her when I grow up!

Anyway, we are practicing mono prints this week, with the theme “free as a bird.”   I drew a toucan and then “engraved” the design on a thin foam sheet.  I covered the foam sheet with paint, and printed the image on paper.  I tried two different prints… one with light paint on a dark painted background, and one with a mixture of yellow and orange paint on a white background.  I covered the first one in so many layers of paint that I lost the “print” feel, so on the second one I used a lighter touch and more analogous colors.

I’m not sure which one I prefer, or even if I like either very much, but it was an interesting learning experience.

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