Fearless-smHappy New Year! I am off to a slow start this year, but finally created my first art of the new year today.  A few weeks ago, inspired by a free Book of Days Bootcamp by Effy Wild, I started working on my first altered book.  I went to a library book sale and picked up an old hardbound book called The Song of Bernadette.  According to the inscription on the title page, it once belonged to Dorothy and James Ray back in 1942.  I thinned out the pages, began gluing two or three pages together, and threw some paint on a few for background.  Then, inspired by The Documented Life Project 2015‘s January theme (book pages) and weekly prompt (goal keeper), I created my first art journal 2015 spread with my One Little Word for the year: Fearless.  I don’t mean fearless as in without fear.  I mean fearless as in fear less.  I want to approach this year with less fear.  Be more open to possibilities and less afraid of changes.  My art is meant to convey an open-armed embrace of the new year, to be faced, I hope, with less fear and trepidation.

3 thoughts on “Fearless

  1. Indeed, we can all benefit from fearing less. It’s hard to get our head around the truth that MOST of our fears are never realized. So, you go girl!!! xxoo

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