Dancing Queens


I love it when I accidentally create a painting that I really like.  Some recent posts by artists I follow inspired me to dust off my BIG art journal and play around on 18×24 paper.  I was going to just do a random collage, and was more focused on the background than on what I was going to put on it.

Halfway through, I had a sinking suspicion that the whole thing was just going to be a big mess.  An experiment gone bad.  The background looked muddy and messy.  Blech.

In spite of not loving it, I decided to go ahead and put something in the foreground, and sketched in a couple of heads, which soon evolved into these dancing queens.  When Karlie saw the rough sketch she said, “Oh naked black ladies, what a surprise.”  Black ladies, dancing ladies, naked ladies… they all seem to be a recurring theme in my art.  I’m actually happy with the way the background turned out after all, as well as the colorful head scarves with the wild protruding hair, the wonderfully sagging breasts…the whole thing makes me happy.  :)

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