Why do I feel so guilty when I’m not working?  I usually get scheduled to work on Thursday mornings, but had an extra morning off yesterday.  I kept feeling like I should call in and let them know I was available if they needed any extra hands.  I didn’t really WANT to work, but I felt like I SHOULD work, so not calling in and volunteering felt lazy and irresponsible. I felt like I should be trying harder to make some money instead of lollygagging around the house.

When I feel like that I also find it hard to focus.  Fortunately, I had already started a page in my art journal, and was able to pick up where I left off and finish a page I actually like. That somehow made the day feel more productive.

Can you find the three hidden fairies?

4 thoughts on “Contemplate

  1. I feel that way often, like I need to be producing something all the time and if I’m not, I’m just wasting time. I’m glad you had some time off though. You work hard and deserve to rest.

    I love the hidden fairies. They remind me of little guardians.

  2. Indeed I found the fairies. And, would you like to know what they told me???? They told me Holly works like a little beaver at Apple, she works like a little crazed rabbit at the gym. They told me you spend billions of hours keeping your girls headed in the right direction, providing them with an abundance of companionship, security, love,laughter and fun. You go soooo far beyond their basic needs and someday, they will actually become aware of what a fantastic Mama they have and will be grateful for ever more. And, the most important message they gave me to pass on to you is that you EARN and DESERVE EVERY SINGLE FREE MOMENT YOU HAVE and they want you to spend those moments doing whatever it is the brings you pleasure and joy…….oh, and they’d like some more fairy friends, too!!!

    • Wow! They said all that? Those are some chatty fairies! LOL! And I thought they were just quietly floating around in the forest! :)

      • Yup………they said all that………..are you heeding their instructions???? Don’t make fairies sad. I’m sure seeing a fairy cry is not a pretty sight ):

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