Catching Up… way up!

Has it really been six months since I posted any art?  I actually had a very productive, artsy summer, creating several large canvases that now adorn my walls.  In fact, I’m beginning to run out of wall space.  I guess I got so busy creating I completely forgot to blog!

I love, love, LOVED Flora Bowley’s Bloom True class.  It inspired most of the art I did this summer.  It began with this one, another multi-layered, BIG (36×36) canvas:


Followed by this… another BIG 36×36 canvas:


And yet another big 36×36:


I also did a couple of smaller canvases.  I decided to try some animals for a change…


And then went abstract…


In July I even taught my first art journal class for kids!  It was a lot of messy fun on a way-too-crinkly tarp (I will definitely invest in a softer, quieter tarp before I ever do it again).


I think that’s most of what I’ve been up to, at least through the end of 2015.


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