Cat Magic

Cat-MagicShaylie requested that I make her a custom phone case for Christmas this year.  I have made a few of my art pieces into phone cases for myself, and she wanted one made just for her.  I find making art for other people very difficult because I feel like I don’t know what they will like.  But she kept asking, so I decided to give it a try.  It was right around the time that our neighbor’s cat temporarily adopted us, and Shaylie was quite enamored with it.  Since cats have been appearing in my art anyway, I decided to do a painting with a girl and a cat.  It turned out better than I expected, and Shaylie loved it!  I called the painting “Cat Magic,” and shortly after I painted it, we ended up adopting a kitten of our own. That seems a little magical to me!

3 thoughts on “Cat Magic

  1. Those girls of yours are so lucky to have an artist for a momma. I have to tell you though…. I’m quite fond of that hat.

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