Canvas Immersion/Froggie Emergence

My six-week Paint Mojo class is over.  I haven’t completed every assignment, and I will probably return and do a few of my favorites again.  The big project was a canvas immersion.  We started it in week one, with a 30″x30″ canvas that we divided into equal squares and randomly added doodles, symbols, and marks using a variety of tools, including fat brushes, skinny brushes, bamboo sticks, and oil pastels.


In week two we added paint and ink in warm colors and cool colors, keeping warm and cool mostly separated.  I forgot to take a picture of that week.  Week three we began integrating the warm and cool colors throughout and adding more marks. It became kind of a muddy mess at this point.

week-3In week four we chose just two colors plus white and black and began calming down the mess.


In week five we turned the canvas every which way and tried to begin seeing the possibility of a picture emerge.  We could either create an abstract painting or find the hint of an emerging image and go with that.  I kept seeing frog eyes peering out at me.


And, week six brings us to the finished product.  I THINK it’s finished, anyway.  I keep seeing things I want to change and little details I want to add.  But this is where it is for now!



One thought on “Canvas Immersion/Froggie Emergence

  1. So THAT’S how you do it! :) I love seeing the progression. You have found your calling and like I said….. art show!!

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