Bulbous Blue Butts and Big Berry Boobs

Blue-Lady-1-webBlue-Lady-2-webI decided I liked my Funky Weird Crazy Art so much that I went back and recreated it on canvas to hang on my wall.  Then I decided it needed a companion, so I created the second in the series.  When I told Karlie I was going to hang them up in the family room, she replied, “But what about our polite company?”  I reminded her that we don’t have any polite company, and any company we DO have will just have to deal with the naked ladies with bulbous blue butts and big berry boobs on the wall!


4 thoughts on “Bulbous Blue Butts and Big Berry Boobs

  1. Are we NOT polite company????

    Personally, I like big bulbous butts and berry boobs. It’s what I’m made of. :)

    Great painting! Keep going!!!

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