Beach Babes

Beach-BabesThis is #5 in my series, and maybe my last for now.  I love my blue ladies, but it feels like it might be time to move onto something else, at least for awhile.  This one is my biggest piece to date, done on an 18×24 inch canvas.  That was a lot of space to fill, but in some ways it was nice because I always had something to work on without the creative pain of starting something new.  I kept adding new things to this one too, as the space seemed to be too big to leave large areas plain.  The alligator was a last minute addition because the right side of the water just seemed so vast and empty.  It was crying out for an animal.  I almost put a bird peeking around the tree, but then the alligator came to mind.  The sun originally didn’t have a face, but with such a large area of plain yellow, I felt it needed some embellishing too.  There’s very little collage on this one–it’s mostly ink sprays, water colors, acrylics, and water soluble pastels.  The towel is a piece of fabric, and the sand is a texture medium mixed with paint to give it a gritty, sandy texture.


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