A Little of This, A Little of That

I’ve been quiet on the blogging front, but it’s not due to lack of arting.  There are at least three surfaces in my house that look like an art tornado hit, and my supplies are spread out into four different rooms.  Not very efficient, as I can’t find what I need half the time, but I can’t seem to contain it all.

The reason I haven’t been posting is for lack of any finished product.  I started a project a few weeks ago that has been consuming most of my time, and it’s going to be at least a few more weeks before it’s finished.  It’s been great fun, and I’m dying to share, so here is a SNEAK PEEK…

sneak-peak Other than my big project, I’ve been devoting little chunks of time to my ongoing documented life project…


Practicing some actual “drawing skills” in a little sketch book…


And doodling all over Brian’s unopened mail whenever I’m at his house.  Last weekend I liked one of the doodles enough to save the envelope and bring it home to add to my documented life  project and turn it into a journal page…


Also still adding a daily entry to my gratitude calendar and an occasional Happy Haiku.  And absorbing tons of artsy inspiration from my weekly 21 Secrets Live spree cast  (interactive live video class with a different artist every week).


My art obsession is definitely helping keep me sane through all the trauma and drama of living with two teenage girls.  Being able to absorb myself in a project while the hormone hurricane swirls around me at least sometimes allows me to maintain some distance and keep me from getting swept away in it with them.  SOMETIMES.

One thought on “A Little of This, A Little of That

  1. I’m glad you have something so life giving to help you with the hormone hurricanes. :)

    You have so many wonderful projects that you are working on. Color is all around you and so it should be. It belongs in your life. Can’t wait to see the big project.

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