A Doorway

Capture Your 365 January 10:  Photograph A Doorway

For the last several months, I’ve been including cats in my paintings.  Which is strange, because I’m not really a cat person.  But they keep appearing in nearly all my recent artwork.  Now they are appearing at my door.  And all over my yard.  It started when some new neighbors moved in next door.  I came home from work, and Karlie was giggling hysterically at the back door as a cat tried to push its way into our house.  Later that evening, we heard constant meowing, and thought it was the backdoor cat calling to us.  Turns out it was a different cat, who had gotten locked in our garage when I came home!  In the pre-dawn hours of the next morning, Karlie was awakened by the sounds of copulating cats outside her window!  Since then, every time I look outside, I see at least one of three cats in our yard:  a brown striped one, an orangey one, and a white one.  Recently I discovered that there are at least two of the orangey ones, as they were both lounging in our yard together.  And this morning… two brown stripy ones!

Today’s Capture Your 365 photo assignment was to photograph a doorway.  This is a photo of the doorway to my backyard, with one of the two brown stripy cats trying to con his way inside.  I literally had to close the door in his face to keep him out.  A-Doorway

6 thoughts on “A Doorway

  1. We share our cat, Ivy, with our next door neighbor. Ivy goes over to their yard every morning and sits on the bird bath. Our neighbor graciously refills it so that Ivy has fresh water to drink and they hang out for a bit. This had been going on for years before I learned of it. I like to ponder the secret life of my cat.

    • Cats are mysterious creatures. I’ve noticed they tend to avoid eye contact, especially if I have a camera in hand. Last night one got locked in our garage again, and then refused to leave when we tried to let him out. This morning two were cavorting around on my patio as if high on catnip. And one tried to push his way in the back door.

      • Guess you brought those cats into your life by drawing them so much. Of course they thought you are a cat person….Duh, they ain’t stupid!! LOL. By the way I DO love the cats in your artwork. xxoo

  2. That’s so strange. Are you growing catnip in your garden? :) I read once that cats represent guardians. Not such a bad thing to have around.

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