Bright Abstract


I’ve been doing some dark and gloomy art recently, a reflection of my dark and gloomy mood since the time change.  I’ve been feeling better for the past week, and created this bright abstract on canvas, once again playing with new techniques and trying to be more loose and free with my painting.  Not sure how I feel about the final outcome of this one, but it was nice to work in bright colors again and just play.

I still seem to need a ridiculous amount of sleep.  No matter how much sleep I get at night, I always need a nap the next day, if I can possibly squeeze one in.  I was complaining to Shaylie about how napping cuts into what little free time I have, and she wisely responded, “Sleep is never a bad thing.  And it improves your quality of life when you ARE awake.”  Wow, how did that kid get so smart??




I don’t usually have a hard time adjusting to the time change. It always feels a little strange the first day or two after we spring forward or fall back, but it’s kind of a nice change of pace most of the time.  This time, though, I’ve been feeling sluggish, tired, unmotivated, bored, and irritable ever since Sunday, when we turned back the clocks.  I don’t know if it really is the time change, but that’s the only thing I can pin point that changed, other than my mood.  The days at work drag, tutoring seems interminable, I nap in the middle of the day and am still exhausted at night, I go to bed early and still can’t seem to wake up in the morning.  I’m irritable, bored, and just want to crawl into a dark cave and sleep.  Even my art has been difficult and more annoying than fun.  So today I decided to just draw how I feel, and came up with this dark, sluggish picture, created with messy, smeary kids’ oil pastels.  Now I’m going to crawl into bed.