Chaos Collage

Chaos-Collage-2I’m kind of all over the map with my art experimentation lately.  This is the result of my mindless magazine gluing the other night, followed by random doodling, coloring, and lettering on top of the pasted pictures.  I kind of like the explosion of chaotic color, no focal point, no rhyme or reason… just random weirdness.  Again I found the perfect quote from my new favorite source, Nietzsche, a man of infinitely quotable tidbits of wisdom: “You need chaos in your soul to give birth to a dancing star.”


And Those Who Were Dancing

“And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music.”  ― Friedrich Nietzsche


It still takes a lot of mental energy for me to create art.  Some art journalists talk about how relaxing it is to sit and unwind by painting or doodling, but I find I need to have some spark left in me in order to get started.  Long hours at work often leave me feeling like the most I can accomplish is watching House of Cards on Netflix.

Last night I was feeling a creative deficit after a weekend of all work and NO play, but I was tired and unmotivated.  So I started cutting pictures out of a magazine and gluing down a collage, which I may or may not use at some point as the base of another piece of art.  But that got me going enough to do a rough sketch of the woman in this painting, and THAT was enough to give me the motivation to start painting her tonight.

I found the quote while searching the internet for a different quote that I accidentally threw away while chopping up magazines last night.  I love the quote, and think it was just the finishing touch the piece needed.

Gelli on Deli

where-I-stand-2It’s been a difficult week, with Karlie home sick every day with a flu then sinus infection, which meant I had to drive Shaylie to school every day, which meant getting up at 4:30 to go to the gym, then working at Apple and tutoring all day.  By last night I was starting to feel achy and flu-ish myself, but I went to bed early, was asleep by 8:30, and woke up feeling refreshed and downright perky at 5:00 this morning.

I’ve been itching to get artsy all week, but just didn’t have the time or energy, so I was really looking forward to some art time today.  First order of business was to get out my gelli plate, which I hadn’t used for awhile.  I decided I needed new printing plates, so I cut pieces out of a foam sheet and glued them onto another foam sheet that I had cut into a circle.  Then I stuck some dimensional flower and swirly stickers from Target on another foam sheet, and, voila!  Brand new homemade printing plates!

(These are the plates, after I mucked them up with a lot of paint.)


After making the plates, I went a little crazy, and made a LOT of prints on my new deli paper from Costco–super cheap, and it comes in a box like Kleenex, so I just kept popping out new pages and printing away, experimenting with different color combinations.


While the gelli prints dried, I dashed upstairs and dug around in my closet to unearth my old sewing needles and embroidery thread because I had a hankering to do a little fabric art as well.  Here is a sneak peak of the little bit I got done, but I’m hoping there’s more to come…


That’s as far as I got, because then my day turned into returning tutoring phone calls, grading writing papers, filing out the dreaded FAFSA for Karlie’s college financial aid, and a bunch of other boring stuff.  But now I have lots of colorful backgrounds to play with the NEXT time I have some time for art play.

Out of the Blue

The rest of my creative energies have been going into making a little video for our next Apple Store meeting.  We are supposed to make a video showing what we do when we’re “out of the blue;” in other words, what we do when we aren’t wearing our blue shirts and working at Apple.  I had fun putting this together.

To view the video, use the password:   blue




Graffiti Face

Graffiti-FaceThis piece was inspired by the week 4 artist in my 21 Secrets Live class.  It consists of many layers of paint and stencils followed by graffiti style writing on deli paper collaged over the top, followed by pan pastels with letter stencils.  I used a lot of primary colors for this one, which I rarely do, but I’m trying to experiment with all different styles, colors, and media.

The real challenge on this one was using a big, bold black marker to draw the face freehand, with no planning or penciling in first.  I purposely kept it very primitive so I could do it more freely since there was no way to erase or tweak the details!


I have not been as idle as my lack of posts might imply.  I’ve actually been doing a lot of experimenting.  I’m taking another online class called 21 Secrets Live.  Every week a new artist spends 90 minutes creating some kind of art during a live spree cast.  What I’m really enjoying is that each artist has a totally different style, uses different art media, and works on whatever project she feels like doing that day.  I’ve learned a few new techniques, tried some color combinations I wouldn’t have otherwise tried, played with some new art media, and just generally gotten inspired.  I’m four weeks into a 21-week class, so the fun has just begun!

“Rastafarians” was sort of inspired by the week 2 artist, who used stamp ink pads to create colorful backgrounds.  Instead, I used a brown stamp pad to give a weathered look to a crumpled up Trader Joe’s bag, added a tissue paper sun and grass, glued on two sculpey clay masks I created months ago and didn’t know what to do with, fabric skirts, crazy yarn hair, a water color pencil surf board… it’s taken me a couple of weeks to finish because I just keep adding more stuff!  The photo really doesn’t do justice to the three-dimensional effects.