October True Free Spirit



October’s True Free Spirit assignment was a patchwork project.  We were to create a patchwork background using paper scraps, gelli prints, paint, and anything else we wanted, and then add whatever we wanted on top.  I felt inspired to create an October themed painting in my art journal.  And guess what popped up–another cat!  I sort of started this project half heartedly, but I kind of like the whimsical results.

Hitchin’ a Ride


Here’s #4 in the series.  Same familiar characters, but I changed my background techniques completely.  Gone are the gelli plate backgrounds and tissue paper collage.  This one is all acrylic paint with pearlized ink on top, stencils with spray ink for texture, and some water soluble pastels to darken the edges.  Oh, and fabric pieces for the umbrella and embroidery floss for the hair.

Karlie said this girl’s eyes aren’t as creepy as the others and that she’s “becoming more human.”  Maybe someday when I’m a long-dead famous artist (ha ha), people will analyze this and wonder what I meant by her transformation.  I’ll say it here for posterity… it was an accident!

Blues Sisters


I can’t seem to stop painting my blue ladies.  The blue cat continues to show up as well, but I really wanted to try a new animal, just for some variety.  I searched the internet for some crazy looking dogs, and found several ideas which I combined into the one flying through the air in this painting.

I didn’t want to get into a rut on the background, so I stuck with the same color scheme but used tissue paper instead of my gelly prints, and added paint and spray ink for interest.  I’ve got all three up on the wall now, sure to offend any “polite company” who might venture into our family room!